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Józef Sztacheta:
Link do działu z wydanymi modami M&B na TW

Wzorem RogueHunter z The Pioneer's Guild bedziemy tu wklejac dla wygody akualna liste modow. Opisow nie tlumacze bo sa krotkie i latwo sie domyslec o co chodzi.

Mody na wersję 1.011/1.010]

Age of Machinery

Annals of Calradia

Banner Changer

Battle Size Changer

Battlestar Galactica Mod

Better Horses

Better Than None Mod

Black armors back to shops

Blackjack Poker

Blood and Glory

Britain 1297

Britannia 1080

Calradia,the 16th Century

Calradia at War

Calradia Map Makeover

Calradia Map Refinement

Calradia Rising

Chronicles of Talera

Chronicles of Zendar

Civil Calradia


Colorful textures

Cries of War Soundpack

Cries of War and Vocals Soundpack

Custom Battle Mod

Dablade's Battlesounds and Vocals Soundpack

Empire War Mod

Everyone Can Be The Leader

Face Textures

Flying missile pack

Fury of Odin

Garnier's Gameplay Mod

Graphical Enhancement

Guardians party

Hegemony Series - Barbarian Invasion

Hegemony - Timeless Kingdoms

Hundred Years War mod

Kingdom of Calradia

Knights Mod

Lords and Realms

Magic World

Medieval Dukes and Mercenaries

Minimalist HUD - New crosshairs

Monastery add-on

Mongol Series

More Metal Sound Mod

More realistic troop str and agi attributes

Mount&Blade Panoramic Mod

Native Balanced

Native Expansion

Native Improved Mod

No More Trees & Burnt Trees

Offical Vocals Soundpack

OSP Helmets

Optimised shaders

Praven Reconstruction Project

Prophesy of Pendor

Punkt's High Resolution Texture Pack

Remade Native Mod

Return of Zendar

Rise of Khergits

Ryuzaki's animation mini-mod

Simple-Mini Functions Mod

Southern Realms

Star Wars Calradia

Swing/slash/thrust animation

Sword of Damocles

The 1257 Edition

The Dark War

The Dark War II

The Eagle and The Radiant Cross

The Horde Lands

The MageLord's Text File Tweaks

The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod

The Swadian Reunited

Turmoil In the Province

Unique Armoury

Unofficial fix for Dhirim siege problem

Vuk's Faction and Gameplay Rework Mod

Mody na wersję 1.003
A Lot More Arrows & Javelins Mod

Banner Changer

Battle Size Changer

Black armors back to shops

Calradia:Death and Disease

Calradia Map Makeover

Calradia Rising

Colorful Textures

Cries of War soundpack

Extended Caladria Mod

Face Textures

FDS Store (mini-mod)

Graphical Enhancement 2.5 + Addons


Heart of Mercy

Khergit Armour (Mini-mod)

M&B - Unofficial Troop Editor

Minimalist HUD+New crosshairs

Native Improved Mod

Native Tweaks Mod

No More Trees

Punkt's High resolution textures

Realistic troop stats

Sailing (Mini-Mod)


Unique Armoury

Mody na wersję 0.960


34 pack - hireable npcs(companions)

Ancient Swords

Avatar: The Last Airbender Mini-Mod

Battle Morale

Battle Size Changer

BBQ's Armor pack

Bows begone!

Brittania Mod (1080 AD)

Calradia 1304

Calradia:Death and Disease

Calradia Map Makeover

Calradia Musketeers

Calradia War Chronicle

Colorful Textures


Cries of War Soundpack

Custom Battle Mod



Empire at Arms

Faction Restructuring

Fix for Rhodoks


God Mode

Guardians party

Graphical Enhancement

Great Lithuanian Mod

Hegemony 268 B.C.

Hegemony - Timeless Kingdoms

Hundred Years War

Land of Eternal Youth

Little-bit-more mod

medieval Adventure

Might and Blade

Moss's Minimalist HUD

Mount&Blade Assasin



Old Steel Music

Old Steel Sound Mod

Realistic Steel Textures

Return of Zendar

Rise of Khergits

Samurai Legends 2: Samurais' Freedom War

Standard Weapons Upgrade Project

Star Wars Calradia

Tax Collector


The Ballad of Serenity

The Chronicles of Talera

The Desaster

Tome Of The Ages

Troop Tree Expansion

Vocals Soundpack

W tym poście będę pisał co się dzieje z dużymi modami, bo z powyższej listy nie zawsze wiadomo co się z nimi. W nawiasie podaję na jaką wersję jest wydany mod:

Hundred Years War (1.011) - Mod został zaportowany do 1.011. W tej chwili powstaje nowa wersja.

The Last Days (0.808) - Prace trwają i mod ukaże się prawdopodnie latem.

Storymod (0.751) - Mod jest w hibernacji.

Craftmod (0.960) - J/w.

Darkmod (0.751) - Mod jest w hibernacji, chociaż autor chce go bardzo ukończyć.

Onin no Ran (0.903) - Praca wciąż trwa i można się spodziewać portu do wersji 1.0.

Holy War (0.751) -  W tej chwili cisza. Nie ma żadnych informacji o postępach prac.

Expanded Gameplay II (1.011) - Tu także cisza.

Hegemony: 268 B.C (0.960) - Mod został ostatnio zaportowany do aktualnej wersji.

Józef Sztacheta:
Mody na starsze wersje

.700 to .802+ Battle Size Changer


Age of ash

Age of descent

Brother against Brother

Calradia:Total War



Dead of Dunharrow

Dies the fire

Fantasy Mod


Forgotten glory

Holy War

Hundred Years War

Into the Darklands

Inventory Chest Locator

Liberty or Death

Maw's Murder Mod


Meso-american Mod

NPC upgrade

Onin No Ran


Recruit from your prisoners

RPG mod

Star Wars mod


The last days

The Perennial Nuisance


Warhammer 40k

Western mod
Narzędzia do modowania:

Tutorial board:Many good tutorials can be found here

General Modding Discussion:A good place to ask for help

Modding Knowledge Base:A good place to pick up/share tips and the like from others

Modding Software:(Where you can find all the necessities for modding M&B)

The art thread:(Where you can show off and request models/textures)


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